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Information About Writing for the Web

Note: I will only re-write information if there is a spelling or punctuation error, if I have changes that will improve SEO or usability or to create consistently of content and images are consistent across the website.
  • General  – It is important to keep content updated and to always remember that this site represents you and the business, so keep it professional.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  – This will increases the chances that people will find your page, when searching for a subject.
    • When writing for the site use terms that people are most like to use, when searching for a mason, such as cracks, brick, repairs…
    • Try to write 300 characters in the description.  However, this is not necessary, if the project does not warrant this many characters, so be it.
    • Search terms should be in the first paragraph of the description.
    • Search terms should be in the description of images.
    • Try to add search terms in the title of projects, posts and pages.
    • Links: Provide links to your vendor websites and ask them to link to this webpage.  This also helps with SEO.
    • Usability – The site and it’s content is not only about Malone Masonry, but about what the people that need your service is looking for.
      • Write for the people reading the site.
      • Think about the questions people ask Malone Masonry and write to include the answers to those questions.
      • Write short sentences
      • Use bullets

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