Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Read Customer Testimonials from our satisfied customers that received quality, professional and courteous craftsmanship that had exceeded their expectations.

We have a long history with Malone Masonry, and have never been disappointed. Mike Malone crafted the foundation for our home in 1995 the old fashioned way, with blocks and concrete. He also poured the concrete for our 2,000 square feet driveway that has withstood the harsh Central New York winters and too numerous snow plows. With more than 36 years of experience in the concrete and masonry business, Malone Masonry is cost-effective, efficient and extremely flexible and reliable. Mike works with your schedule and delivers on everything he says he’s going to do.

D. Stein

My husband and I had purchased a variety of granite pieces all shapes, sizes and colors.  If it hadn’t been for Mike Malone they would still be outside of our home in bins.  He managed to make some sense of them to perfect an unbelievable floor in our home.  He layed these pieces big and or small throughout our whole home and it was hard to believe how it all came together.  He managed to take our tiled floor to a whole new level.  He has made a lifetime happy, happy customer out of us.  Also, everyone that sees it falls in love with it instantly as well.

R. Cantrell

Our old tar paved driveway deteriorated by years of use, split by weeds growing up through the cracks.  We had the worst looking driveway in the neighborhood.

After Mike finished our driveway; we had the nicest looking one in the neighborhood and received many compliments by our neighbors and guests.  The work was professional, expertly done in an unexpectedly short time.  And as an additional touch to the driveway, Mike added a great looking brick border that added an awesome look to our front landscaping.  I would highly recommend Malone Masonry.

C. Olivera

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